A Guide for Families and Caregivers

Master Facilitator Competency Self-Assessment

Please rate your skill level in the areas below by clicking the appropriate circle for each of the following questions.

1 - Never, 2 - Seldom, 3 - Unsure, 4 - Sometimes, 5 - Usually

  1. I quickly recover from emotional imbalance.
  2. I am open to feedback, learning and coaching.
  3. I adapt to changing situations.
  4. I read my audience, adjust my presentation accordingly, and am sensitive to cultural and gender differences.
  5. I prepare thoroughly, knowing and understanding my material before I present.
  6. I demonstrate professionalism, self-confidence and authenticity.
  7. I use humour when appropriate to maintain lightness, aliveness and creativity.
  8. I manage available time by balancing schedule with objectives.
  9. I listen to what they are saying and how they are saying it. I pay attention to what they are not saying.
  10. I empower others to solve their own problems and solve their own issues.
  11. I interpret body language to take appropriate action to enhance connection.
  12. I practice the use of reflective listening so that everyone is heard and understood, and assumptions are clarified.
  13. I effectively use silence as a tool to enrich the process.
  14. I’m empathetic. I can put myself in other’s shoes.
  15. I acknowledge, support and validate others as appropriate.
  16. I effectively facilitate development of ground rules and enforce them.
  17. I use ‘problems’ that participants share as learning opportunities.
  18. I effectively read the underlying dynamics of a group.
  19. I effectively evoke participation.
  20. I let the group own their processes. I don’t compete for their attention.
  21. I am aware of my body language when engaging participants.
  22. I effectively build trust-get the group comfortable and connected with itself.
  23. I am sensitive to group energy and how to manage it.
  24. I effectively maintain a safe space-physically and emotionally.
  25. I honour my group’s knowledge and experience and encourage them to share it with one another.
Adapted with permission from Master Facilitator Competency Self-Assessment, MasterFacilitatorJournal.com

Last Modified: 01-Mar-2020