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Facilitator Training

Handle with Care (HWC) receives continuous request from different governmental/territorial or community agencies for training of their staff as HWC Facilitators.  Based on these requests, each year, HWC Master Trainers offer the training workshops in different provinces and territories. Once trained the new program facilitators are certified and eligible to offer the program to parents and caregivers. They will receive continuous support and mentorship by their trainers. 
Facilitator training workshops are scheduled based on demand and requests received from different agencies in each Canadian province or territory. Most provinces and territories across Canada have Master Trainers who can offer the training in your community and/or your agency. The documents listed below will provide you with details of how to arrange HWC facilitator training. You can also find below a link to the contact information of Handle with Care Partners in each province or territory who you can contact to arrange Handle with Care facilitator Training.

Contact Information

Downloadable documents:

2020 HWC Facilitator Training Request

2020 HWC Resource Order Form (fillable)
Last Modified: 01-Mar-2020