A Guide for Families and Caregivers


Upon completion of the facilitator training, a short period of mentorship will be required to complete the Handle with Care Facilitator Certification. Mentoring can take many forms, and varying degrees of time and commitment. Handle with Care trainers/facilitators will use different mentorship approaches to support mentees’ facilitation skills and thereby ensure successful program delivery. These approaches may include, but are not limited to:
  • Pairing an experienced and less experienced facilitator to deliver Handle with Care
  • Pairing facilitators and having them observe each other’s facilitations. They can provide each other with feedback using the Facilitator Self-Assessment Tool and Peer Feedback Tool
  • Co-facilitating with a new, less experienced facilitator
  • Inviting new facilitators to observe and shadow the trainers as they facilitate Handle with Care sessions
  • Being available by email to answer facilitator questions and/or discuss any issues or concerns that arise during the group sessions
  • Assisting new facilitators  with pre-session preparation
  • Observing new facilitators and providing feedback using the Facilitator Self-Assessment Tool and Peer Feedback Tool
Last Modified: 01-Mar-2020